September, 9-12 th of 2019

Ouro Minas Palace Hotel - Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil

The 6th ISEP will be held at the conference center of Hotel Ouro Minas, Belo Horizonte MG Brazil

Ouro Minas is rated as 5-star and was chosen as one of the best hotels for events in Brazil. It is the only hotel in Belo Horizonte that receives such acknowledgement, and is the most charming and well structured place to events in the capital, with the excellence and experience of more than 1000 events every year.

Experience in receiving people with the most different profiles. The 346 most modern apartments in the city. Perfect acoustic isolation in all accommodations and rooms.

Modern Business Center and Convention Center ready to receive simultaneously up to 2000 people.

Halls, multi-use space and auditorium – all of them with Wi-Fi internet.

Quinto do Ouro International Restaurant.

Privileged access to airports by on-door shuttle airport.


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